Wohali's Wind Talker, CGC, RN


Sire: CH Tessa's Sire Charles X Dam: Wayeh's Cherokee Faith


DOB: 10/31/03  Halloween

Crossed Rainbow Bridge: February 15, 2010

Breeders and Owners: John and Dorothy Moyers

AMCA ChD # 12901

Email:  moyers @ pobox.com

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Whisper was named for her love of talking.  She is by far the talker of the pack, and at times I believe she even talks to the wind.  She always has an opinion and is willing to give it.  But her call name comes from her extra sweet and soft disposition.  She is always ready to please and eager to learn which is why I decided to train her as a lead dog on the team.  Her work ethic is always head down, ears back, and pull.  In the photo to the right she is working lead with Yana ( Yana by the way is sight seeing and trying to push Whisper sideways,  instead of working) whom she adores working with. 











18 Month Old Side

18 Month Old Front


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