(1991 - 2006)

Storm is a rescue Alaskan Malamute mix.  He is about 13 years old and the Alpha of the pack.  Storm's temperament and leadership style is pretty laid back.  As long as things don't get to wild then it's ok with him.  Corrections from Storm generally consist of a short bark and a couple of gruff growls and things settle down.  If they don't he will apply a paw to the top of the head and then things settle down.  He's never needed to push things any further.  Outside of maintaining pack order and harmony the old man is retired and loving every minute of it.


Storm crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 15 in January 2006.  He filled a big hole left when we lost our first Malamute.  You helped us train many other mals and provided the youngsters direction when they needed it.  You've earned your Golden Harness old friend, wear it proudly..........