CH   Wohali's Spirit Dance

Born 10/31/02
Breeders John & Dorothy Moyers

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 Ch Tessa's Sir Charles X Wayeh's Cherokee Faith 

COI = 5.9%

Best Of Breed November 2, 2003


Spirit was born on Halloween 2002, and she was my "Trick or Treat" pup.  We were only expecting 6 puppies from this breeding after numerous veterinarian exams and Ultra-Sound exams.  So an hour after what we thought was the last pup to be born Spirit was delivered around 9 PM on Halloween night and Faith had pulled off the ultimate Halloween Trick or Treat......  Oh what a treat this girl has turned out to be.  On Halloween of 2003, her 1st birthday, Spirit took Reserve Winners Bitch.  Then 2 days later she went Best of Breed over 3 specials.  In December 2003 Spirit made the long trip from East Tennessee to the Big City of Chicago for the Christmas Cluster.  At this show she was awarded her second Major for 3 points.  During the winter months we spent time working and playing in harness.  It seems that a tire can be pulled with the Malamute backing up almost as easily as we can do it running.  Ok it's all part of having a good time, being silly, and learning to have fun when doing harness work. 

Finally March has arrived, it's almost time to hang up the harnesses until November and it's time to go to some more dog shows.  In March 2004 Spirit took Winner's Bitch and Best Opposite Sex twice at the Franklin TN clusters for total of 5 more points and her 3rd major. 

The next weekend we went to the Louisville Cluster.  At this show she learned that some times you have to get on the grooming table at 6 am instead of sleeping in.....  Ok, Spirit didn't have nearly as many problems with this as I did especially without any coffee....  But it was for a good cause and Spirit again took Winners Bitch............. 




  Spirit at 18 Months  

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