Wohali's Wayeh Tsituisdi

The Eagle's Wolf Promise

(Cherokee to English Translation)


Since the Alaskan Malamute is one of the few breeds of dogs recognized by the AKC that originated in the USA, and since it was created by the Mahlemuit's in Alaska and they would now be classified as Native Americans, I like to use Native American languages to name the dogs.  I use Cherokee because that is part of my heritage.  Now when I got Promise's dam Faith, I made a promise to her sire (Ch Wayeh's Cherokee Brave) that I would always take good care of his puppy.  Ok, I know it seems silly to expect anyone to keep a promise to a dog, but after all a promise is a promise regardless of who it's made to.  So she is a reflection of a Promise made to a Wolf, figuratively speaking.

Promise was born on Halloween 2002 and was the second pup of the Halloween Litter.  She has been through level 1 obedience, and competes against her sister Spirit in the confirmation.  In June of 2003 we started early harness training with Spirit, and true to her name she showed promise in harness.  That is after we were able to convince her that the plastic milk jug with a few rocks in it was not going to sneak up and get her, nor that she needed to attack it first.  Now that cold weather is here Promise loves going out with the team and running in the wheel position.  She is all work when running wheel, head down, ears back, and always digging to keep the tugline tight.

 Over the Labor Day weekend of 2003, Promise and Spirit competed at the Lexington Cluster Shows at the Kentucky Horse Park.  She enjoyed all the attention she got while walking around and visiting the different vendors.  Of course I did notice that my teenage son also enjoyed walking her around.  I think it had something to do with all the girls that kept coming up to pet Promise, but he denies this....  Yeah Right!    

If you want to see a great way to have fun with your Malamute check out Promises trip to the Doggie Fun Zone.






18 Months Old

18 Months Old


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