Wohali Alaskan Malamutes

CH Tessa's Sir Charles X  
National Jr CH Wayeh's Cherokee Faith CGC, WWPD

The 2002 Halloween Litter

Born 10/31/02 to Wohali out of Masasyu
Breeders John & Dorothy Moyers

Email:  moyers @ pobox.com

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4 grays & 3 sables born Halloween night -- ALL GIRLS!

This out-crossed breeding (PEDIGREE) has a 10-generation Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) of 5%.  Charles' pedigree is Tessa, Barrenfield, Kohoutec, Baylor, & Northeast.  Faith's pedigree is Wayeh, Kiwaliks, T'Domar, Kodara, & Karohunta.  Two dogs figure prominently in both: CH Uyak's Buffalo Bill ROM & CH Karohunta's Conestoga

   Wohali's Return to Joy

4 Weeks Old


Return to Joy 

"Joy" 1 Year Old

Wohali's Wayeh Tsituisdi

4 Weeks Old

Wayeh Tsituisdi  

"Promise" 1 Year Old
Wohali's Whisper In the Wind

4 Weeks Old

Whisper In the Wind  

"Windy" 1 Year Old
Wohali's Cherokee Snowfall

4 Weeks Old

Cherokee Snowfall
"Snowfall" 9mo
Wohali's Wind Talker

4 Weeks Old

Wind Talker
"Whisper" 1 Year Old

Wohali On the Wayeh Wind

4 Weeks Old

(AKC puppy major) 
On the Wayeh Wind
"Storm" 6mo
Wohali's Spirit Dance

4 Weeks Old

(AKC major pointed & BOB)

Wohali's Spirit Dance  
"Spirit" 1 Year Old