Komet's Page


Komet is a Siberian Huskey that started life with us as a Rescue Foster Dog.   He was 8 years old when he came into rescue in early 2000 when a large kennel decided to reduce their numbers and relocate to another state.  Sleddog Rescue in Tennessee received 35 out 200 dogs from this kennel and I volunteered to foster one of the dogs to help out.  Komet had always been a kennel dog, and he had some adjusting to do when he came to live here.  For instance, all my dogs sleep inside at night to keep peace with the neighbors.  (Thus dogs barking at night are not mine.)  I also had a 12 year old son, and that in and of itself is a shock for a kennel dog.  Komet and my son soon became buddies, and over the Memorial Day weekend we went for a hiking trip, backpacking for the dogs, to a near by National Recreation Area.  We let my son handle Komet all day and both of them had a blast.  The trip home took about 1.5 hours and about half way home I looked back to see why everything in the back of the van was quite.  When I looked back there was Komet curled up in the seat next my son and both them were asleep laying on each other.  Well it became pretty evident that they had become pretty close, so we called Sidney at Sleddog Rescue to let her know that Komet was in his forever home and to take him off the adoption list.  After watching this on the way home and since Komet had never shown any aggression we decided to let him start sleeping in a crate in my son's room that night.  Well it wasn't long before he graduated from the crate to sleeping in the bed.   So on cold mornings it's not to surprising to go in to get my son up for school and have a Siberian head pop out from under the covers at the foot of the bed. 

Komet has also run with the Malamutes on the cart team, as can be noted on the logo photo on my home page.  Of course he is now over 12 we still let him run with the team from time to time which he loves.  He works well in harness and loves being out running with his pack.  Although when he was younger I think he really wanted them to run faster, but now he's pretty happy after the girls tire some and slow down.  Komet is the 5th rescue dog I've had, and like most rescues you can sense that he really enjoys his new softer lifestyle.  Especially since he only has to share the 5 girls here with Storm, his best Dog Bud.