Welcome to the Wohali Alaskan Malamutes web site.  The name Wohali (pronunciation = Woe - Ha - Lee) is Cherokee for Eagle.  The Alaskan Malamute is based on dogs bred by a tribe of Inuit people in Alaska.  My Great Grandfather was Cherokee and the Cherokee people were historically known for keeping large numbers of dogs in their villages.  So to honor my Great Grandfather I chose to use a Cherokee word for the kennel name.  The choice of Wohali (Eagle) was easy.  The eagle is an exceptional hunter, and is one of the few birds that will fly in stormy weather.  Like the Eagle, the Alaskan Malamute is an exceptional breed, strong, intelligent, and willing to work regardless of the weather or conditions.  The Cherokee Indians recognized the importance of these traits and created the Eagle Ceremony to celebrate them.

Alaskan Malamutes were originally bred as a working dog.  They were given jobs of pulling sledges, carrying packs, and (according to some) used as baby sitters by the nomadic tribe that originated the breed.  To encourage and satisfy this inherent need to have a job, all of our dogs work at different tasks.  They run as a sled team, weight pull with the IWPA (International Weight Pull Association), compete in AKC obedience, back pack, and show in the conformation ring.  Most importantly, they are members of the family pack and are treated as such.  Yes, they even baby-sit the teenager in the house (just don't tell him, he thinks it works the other way around).


Our Dogs 

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Jaguar Stacked Int CH Wohali's Tanasi Love Call, CGC, RN Teebo Stacked Int CH, UWP Wohali's Beloved Kituwah, CGC, RN
Jag Grace Teebo Naomi

 The Litter for 2005

Gave us Jag, Teebo, Grace, and Naomi



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