Int. Jr. CH Wayeh's Cherokee Faith CGC, WWPD, RN

Sire: Ch Wayeh's Cherokee Brave, CGC, TDI, TT  X Dam: U-CD Wayeh's I Believe In Hope, CGC, TDI, WPD



DOB: February 2, 2000

Crossed Rainbow Bridge: March 5, 2010

Breeder: Liz A. Norris

Owners: John and Dorothy Moyers

Email:  moyers @

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Faith was born on February 2, 2000.  I had been looking for a male Alaskan Malamute for a little over a year without much success.   In mid January I had stopped by Wayeh Alaskan Malamutes/Sleddog Rescue to see Sidney Sachs and check on doing a photo shoot of her old male Wayeh's Cherokee Brave.  Cherokee was doing fine and I was greeted by Wayeh's I Believe in "Hope" at the gate.  Hope immediately flopped over on her back for a belly rub and to show the world that she was going to have puppies.  It ended up that I was supposed to have 3 pick male from this breeding. Which was fine with me since I wasn't  looking for a show dog, just a male pet to go with my bitch Yana (larger silver mal to left) for sledding and other activities.  On Feb. 2nd I had to make a service call to repair some radio equipment that is located about 8 miles south of Wayeh Kennels and on the return trip I decided to stop by to check on Hope, only to discover that she was in labor and that Sidney needed a little bit of help handling everything.  The first few pups were delivered without any problems and the the third male was delivered.  For some reason Hope had decided to deliver this pup standing up and had moved off of the towels and over the hard linoleum floor.  Before either of us could catch this pup, it was delivered head first on the floor from a standing position.  Needless to say it was still born, and despite our best efforts (I had been an EMT  for 16 years at that time) we could not save this little guy.  Fortunately this was the only pup that did not survive.  Of course it was the 3rd male and I was supposed to have 3rd male pick.  A few weeks later I was back to check on the pups and to do the photo shoot of Cherokee.  Cherokee was one of those special dogs that loved attention and we got some great photos of the Old Man.  During the photo session Sidney told me that she had all the pups placed except one female and would I be interested in her. Now keep in mind that I already had a 6 month old bitch at the house and I really didn't think that this would work out.  So I declined the offer, and told her that I would just keep looking for my male. 

In June of 2000, we went back to see Sidney one Sunday afternoon.  The vets were closed and Yana had finished her first heat a few months before but was showing signs of a false pregnancy.  She was nesting with all of her stuffed toys, was being clingy, didn't have any visible signs of a pregnancy except she was lactating.  So we thought we'd let Sidney look at her and get her opinion.  She agreed with us that it was a false pregnancy and I decided a vet visit could wait until on up in the week.  But while I was down there I noticed this cute little fuzzball in one of the kennels and asked Sid if she had gotten in a puppy rescue.  She told me, "no, it was the puppy bitch she had been asking me if I wanted off and on for the last 4 months."  Ok, I took the bait and Faith came home to live.  Yana's false pregnancy stopped almost immediately and Faith became her "singleton" Puppy.  It also turned out that Sidney had attempted to place Faith with another couple a week before and Cherokee (Faith's Sire) wouldn't let them out of the house with the pup.  So they decided not to take her.  I didn't know this when I decided to take her, but I did ask Cherokee if I could have this pup.....  (Ok you just had to have known Cherokee to understand why I asked him this.)  He didn't make any attempt to block us from taking the pup, which I think surprised Sidney.

Faith has gone on to get her CGC, and WWPD (working weight pull dog) titles and loves to work in harness.  She still does her down - stays laying on her back, but that's the Malamute way.  In August of 2002 she was bred to CH Tessa's Sir Charles who is owned by Lori Hicks of Masasyu Kennels.  I did this breeding still looking for my illusive male Malamute.  So on Halloween of 2002 Faith and Charles gave me the ultimate TRICK or TREAT.  She delivered the Halloween Litter of 7 wonderful healthy GIRLS.  Ok, So I am still looking for my boy.  It also turns out that one of my puppy buyers was the couple that Cherokee would not let out of the house with Faith.  They had intended to spay her and never did want to breed.  Ok, I can identify with that.  I didn't intend to ever breed myself.  I had owned mals since 1982 and never wanted to breed.  Of course that was before I started watching Faith grow up and could see the potential in what I had and what I was looking for in Malamute was in her.  Maybe that 12 year old Malamute (named Ch Wayeh's Cherokee Brave CGC, TDI, TT) that I had asked for permission to take his last puppy home knew more than I ever will?  It's hard to say, God works in strange ways, and you always have to have FAITH.  Not to mention that I'm still looking for my Malamute DOG!!


Weight Pull Training

Working in Single Lead

Faith's preferred Weight Pull position

Faith in my preferred Weight Pull position


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